The Liner-Sure Advantage

The pool liner pictured below has slipped out of the coping. This problem is a very common problem with vinyl pool owners. Notice that the pool owner has a bead lock in place and that it did not prevent the liner from coming out of the track. Pool owners now have a solution to this irritating problem.

Before Liner-Sure

The Liner-Sure pool liner lock is a permanent solution to loose liners. Liner-Sure is not a cheap roll of flimsy vinyl that slips out of the coping when pressure is applied. In fact, when met with resistance the Liner-Sure lock actually gets tighter. The cross-section image below shows how Liner-Sure fits tightly into the track locking the pool liner into place. Liner-Sure was developed by a Pool Installation Professional with over 26 years of experience, who was so frustrated by the absence of a product that would securely hold a pool liners in place that he developed a solution that will work for all pool owners.

Liner-Sure Close-up

Not only is Liner-Sure the only pool liner lock that works, but once it's installed, Liner-Sure looks like a nice piece of decorative trim below the coping. It provides a uniform fit in liner seams and makes a beautiful pool look even more elegant around the coping. Order Liner-Sure today!

After Liner-Sure